"Have them look into you, not  at you." ~ Christian Webb

You've made the decision to shoot and this is where it gets serious!  

To quote Ben Kingsley in a film called "Sexy Beast"


(have to say that with a hard-core British gangsta accent!) 

Preparation is the key to making sure that your headshot session is exactly what you want it to be and that your headshots come out exactly as you need them!  

This is where we get to know each other.  Well, mostly, it's me getting to know YOU!  We simply talk!  We'll discuss your goals, what you need for your headshot, what roles  do you TYPICALLY get cast in, what roles do you WANT to be cast in.  What's your personality.  Your strengths, weaknesses on camera.   We get to the nitty gritty of defining who YOU are and what we need your headshot to say about you!  

I typically have this conversation with you when we discuss and schedule your booking over the phone.  However,  I'm always open to meeting up in person as well for a face to face conversation.  NYC is great for this! 

There are a few small things to keep in mind regarding preparation for your shoot that I'll discuss with you as well and give you a heads up on.   We'll discuss wardrobe and "looks" and I'll make suggestions regarding what to wear and bring. 

Any questions that arise after our meeting,  you can feel free to contact me anytime and I'll be happy to discuss.  (well, at reasonable times!)  

The main goal of the pre-shoot is PREPARATION and COMFORT!  Preparing for your shoot practically speaking as well as just easing any concerns allowing for YOU to be YOU!