The Indie:  $700 *

(*plus tax)

3 retouched images. plus ALL images (low res .jpg files..w/watermark - NOT raw files) from entire shoot. (additional retouched images $50 ea.) 

4 looks. ( by looks, it's important to remember for headshots,  it'll only be tops that change. Shirts, sweaters, jackets) Really, you can bring a ton of tops and whatever we shoot, we shoot!   

Christian Webb-Headshots-New York-Atlanta-Actor Headshots

The Hollywood:  $1250

Studio shoot (white or grey backdrop) followed by on location shoot* (or vice versa) (Not necessarily the same day/back to back.) 

4 retouched images plus ALL images (low res .jpg files...w/watermark - NOT raw files) from entire shoot. (additional retouched images $50 ea.) 

Unlimited looks.  Bring your closet of shirts, sweaters, jackets!  Let's do it! 


MUA and hairstylist available at additional costs.

Ladies:  Definitely a must to have.  You can Use your own or set up an appt at MAC. (recommended if an MUA is unavailable) 

Gentlemen:  It's up to you but not recommended.  At most, some basic powder is needed. 


To book a session with a 50% deposit select the PAYPAL option below: 




Regarding shooting times -  Look, here's how I see it.  I'm a photographer. You paid me to deliver.  I'm going to deliver.  I don't actually like the time limit thing because it's not as if after 2 hours into our Indie shoot, I'm going to say "Well, that's it, your 2 hours are up!" lol.  

I shoot until we get what we've got to get and that's that!  Sometimes, it's BAM, BAM, BAM!.....and we're knocking shots out, doing changes quick and it just flows and we're done in an hour and a half.  A lot depends on the day, how things are going and just general schedule stuff. Hey, you may not WANT to spend more than 2 hours with me!  My point is, we've all got things to do, we have other appointments, family and whatever.  When it's time to part, it's time to part.  But business first.  Rest assured,  I want to make sure we've completed the task at hand and have enough shots and then some to pick through!  

RETOUCHING:   I do include retouched images with my session packages.  However, if you need additional images retouched or want all of your images retouched by one of the most reputable guys in NYC,  I suggest you contact Joe Barna and the team at ColorworksNYC.