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A native New Yorker. I went to college, studied film/theater, studied poli sci. (Thought I'd be an attorney at one point.) Dropped out of college to become an investment banker. Started off at Jordan Belfort's notorious firm Stratton Oakmont. (quite an experience that was!) Stayed a broker for about 7 years. (escaped, unscathed!)  Started screenwriting.  Did random acting here and there and in & television. Wrote, directed and starred in a short film that never got completed.  Continued screenwriting.  I've been a paralegal, managed a luxury hotel in the city and have been a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.  All the creative side and passions resided within me and needed to escape.  The film side of me naturally gravitated toward photography.  So, I got a camera and taught myself how to shoot. 

The main reason for boring you with the above is to just say this:


The it is.  I've become a full time, professional photographer and haven't looked back. This, is my passion!  (still a screenwriter and may consider some acting again!) 

I've often been asked why I shoot headshots as opposed to something more glamorous and exciting like fashion.  Truth is,  I enjoy people and making my photos about...the person.  It's not about the clothes, the fashion, the styling or elaborate set up. It's all about that one man or woman or child in front of my lens.  

It would be easy for me to say as a former actor myself, I understand the importance of a great headshot.  But what I'd rather say and what the truth is, that as a photographer,  I understand the issues associated with trying to get a great headshot and what it entails.  I understand from the actor's perspective the anxiety sometimes when it comes to finding a photographer and actually sitting for a session.  It's truly a huge responsibility and it takes a serious understanding of the craft to produce worth while images that will serve to advance an actor's career.  The gratification from knowing that one of my shots helped someone get looked at, get  in the door and/or get cast is a major part of doing what I do.  I have a positive impact on someone's life, and that at the end of the day is the most rewarding thing one can do.  

While I CAN shoot and do get hired to shoot other genres of photography every now and then,  95% of my business is shooting actor headshots.  Browse my portfolios and you won't find baby photos, weddings and bikini shots! My YOUR business...which is having the absolute best headshot you can get to use for your career.