Join one of the TOP recommended headshot photographers in NY/NJ as he trains you to master the art and technical aspects of shooting headshots for actors! 

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Private one on one classes in headshot/portrait photography are now being offered in New York/NJ.  

Specifically, on location headshot and portrait photography. 



One on one training for experienced photographers looking to learn the fundamentals of headshot photography specifically in relation to actor headshots and shooting on location with a simple 2 light set up and natural light.   This is the class that will take you through the numerous fundamentals as well as advanced techniques for shooting amazing headshots that will keep your clients booked and ultimately,  you as well!  (appx. 5 hours) 

Advanced Class Payment



One on one training classes for amateur photographers looking to get into the headshot business but needing to learn photography fundamentals.  This class will start with the basics including camera gear and the technical aspects of photography along with lighting and the fundamentals of shooting headshots/portraits.  (appx 6 hours) 

Beginner Class Payment

Private classes also include a brief intro to image processing and retouching from raw to final image using Adobe programs LR (Lightroom) and PS (Photoshop).    


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One on one training is available to learn basic retouching and image processing for headshots/portraits using Adobe programs LR (Lightroom) and PS (Photoshop).  You'll learn step by step instructions on image retouching from start to finish including basic color correction, skin clean up techniques and more advanced image processing. (appx. 2 hours) 

Retouching Class
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For more information and to schedule email to:

Student John McCosh, on location - NYC

Student John McCosh, on location - NYC

Review of the Christian Webb headshot, one-on-one training class at Blue Magic Studios, May 19, 2018.

If you want to learn how to take great headshots, sign up for the class with Christian Webb. He’s a master at the headshot game. I’ve looked at tons of photographers and their headshots as I’ve looked for tweaks to my own headshot photography, and Christian stands out from all the rest. I’ve never seen anyone that can match his style and consistent excellent quality (“dopeness” as you might hear him call it).

 I have my MFA in screenwriting, but I learned more since the two year program than I did in it. However, the MFA program sped up the learning process and pre-disposed me to learn the craft of screenwriting when I came across the lessons on my own. The same is true of Christian Webb’s six hour, advanced training class. I came away with so many tips and principles that make so much since now that I’m applying them.

 Lighting is a big deal in headshot photography, but it’s not that difficult to get right. The magic lies in the micro-adjustments that you make. Christian will show you how to pose the subject in subtle ways that make a huge difference in their level of “engagement” that shows through in the final product. I was stunned at how effective those poses and adjustments were. The same is true for many other elements of headshot photography that he’ll teach you. I’ve been shooting for decades, but headshots photography has a specific set of rules and goals. He’ll show you how to get all the little things right that make a big difference.

 Don’t fall off your chair and smash your keyboard, but Christian shoots at 200mm focal length with the lens nearly all the way open in manual mode and with manual focus with no tripod. That’s how I like to shoot people as well, though it seems other photographers are always skeptical. He will explain why you might want to try the same thing. Just Google his images. You’ll see how important the eyes are in headshots. Try nailing the focus on the eyes with autofocus.

 On top of all that, Christian is just a cool dude. He’s so easy to work with, and he’s a great teacher. That personality makes a huge difference in a one day class. I soaked in so much knowledge. I felt like I had ju-jitsu uploaded to my brain a la The Matrix.

 After the shoot was over we hit a coffee shop and went through his post-processing work on one of the images. The image we chose already looked great, and the post-processing just elevated it to the major leagues.

 One of the models we shot is also an actor, and I developed a real rapport with him. During the shoot, I showed him one of the images from the camera display, and he literally jumped into the air, up and backwards. He was blown away. That was the greatest compliment I’ve ever gotten on my photography. Today, that same model told me three of his NYC actor friends all loved his headshot and want me to shoot their headshots.

 I’m getting a big boost in the right direction. Credit Christian Webb’s training.

 John McCosh, Boston MA.


(I'm much happier looking in person!)