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Veteran casting director for over 20 years with HBO.


“I love Christian Webb’s headshots!”

~ Wendy Alane Wright, Talent Manager

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"As a Hollywood Talent Manager with CGEM Talent, Christian Webb is my number one choice for any and ALL New York headshots. Christian is extremely dedicated and his expertise in photography speaks volumes through his stellar body of work. Christian has even introduced my clients to top agents in New York! I highly recommend Christian for your acting headshot needs!"

Chris Giovanni

"Christian has created beautiful and professional photos for many of the talent at C.E.S.D. I truly believe that a great headshot will get you in the door, and in this business, that can make all the difference. He creates a comfortable environment for your shoot and will guide you in getting the perfect shot. Christian has literally changed the career of a client when they've shot with him!"  

~ Kerri Krilla, agent C.E.S.D Talent NY

Greg Alan Williams-Christian Webb-Atlanta-Headshots

“Talk about “great guy”. This man is a class act and one hell of a professional! Heard about Christian Webb through the NY/ATL grapevine. His kudos are well deserved! He can even make an old cat look good! Book him now!!!!”

~Greg Alan Williams, actor

Christian Webb-Headshots-Atlanta-Jeff Morgan-New copy.jpg

Christian makes his shoots easy and fun! From setting a relaxed tone up front with music, to easy and unhurried wardrobe changes, to the actual shoot itself, Christian made me feel relaxed and comfortable, which let me show my better self. I've used other photographers in the past for my headshots, but none have been as easy to work with, or resulted in as excellent a final result, as Christian. I'd work with Christian again and again!

~Jeff Morgan, actor


Recently had my headshots done by Christian Webb and I am quite pleased. I appreciate Christian taking the time out of his busy schedule to prep me before my session about the “Do's and the Don't's” of headshots. We talked about clothing, hair, makeup and he even asked personal questions to get a feel of the actor that he was about to shoot. I was nervous when I arrived but it quickly went away because the atmosphere was very professional and lots of fun. There was one concern about how big my hair was and if it would take away from my face but the shots came out beautiful and I have been auditioning like crazy and booking gigs with them! Just recently, I auditioned for a huge opportunity in New Orleans and the Casting Director loved my headshots. Their words, "Nothing excites me more, than to see an Actor looking exactly like their headshots...Well done!!!" So am I pleased with Christian Webb's Photography? Absolutely and I will definitely be back for more!

~Shalita McFarland, actor

Christian Webb-Headshots-Atlanta-Actors-Victoria Hall.jpg

The pretty, tough chick. This head shot has been getting me in the rooms like crazy. AUDITIONS, CALLBACKS & BOOKINGS!!!! This journey is forever going and unpredictable......God rules — with Christian Webb. Awesome quality photos. Got called to meet with an agent and also booked a role from the photos. Head shots are working so I'm working!

~ Victoria Hall, actor Atlanta

When my agent mentioned I needed to update my shots I knew I wanted to shoot with Christian Webb even if it meant waiting a bit longer until he was available. I love working with Christian because he knows how to get the best out of every actor and produce a headshot that stands out from the rest. Since shooting with him I have been receiving so many auditons and also compliments from others on how great my shots look. Thank you Christian!

~Brandon Tewalt, actor.

Christian and I have been friends on Facebook some time ago. Needing a headshot photographer, I decided to do some research on Christian and let me just say... I was blown away by his work!! I reached out to him to set up a shoot and I'm SOO glad I did! Christian Webb is by far the best photographer I have ever shot with! Before my shoot, I had a consultation with Christian. We talked about some good ideas for the shoot and how he wants to capture "me" in every shot. He takes his time with his clients. He made me feel comfortable, he coached me throughout the shoot, very professional and he gives great advice/tips on the business side of acting. I absolutely LOVE my new headshots and my agent and manager are thrilled!!!! Since shooting with him, I've been getting called in regularly! I've landed a role on "The Blacklist" opposite James Spader on NBC. I've even auditioned for the lead role on a new pilot for CBS that I'm now placed on hold for!!!! If you are looking to double your auditions, double your bookings and FANTASTIC headshots, then book Christian Webb right now!! You are welcome in advance ;-)

Jennifer Brito

Once you come off of that "amateur with a nice camera" level, you hit a big plateau in professional head shot photographers where everyone's shots look good, but indistinguishable from another photographer's shots. That's what drew me to Christian. Given a stack of head shots, I could pick out which ones were his. That's exactly what I want as an actor: to stand out in a stack of similar looking people. The session itself was great. The environment was very relaxed. There were people hanging out, music playing, no awkward tension that can nosedive a session. His direction and feedback was very clear. None of that "OK now try thinking about puppies. Good, now do mental math. NO but keep the puppies" type stuff. He just let me know what was working, what wasn't, and most of all made me feel like a badass, which led to some pretty badass shots. We're still in the re-touching phase, but thus far that has been top-notch as well. My shots come out looking clean and natural, not Photoshopped to death. These are definitely the best head shots I've ever had. Thanks Christian!

~ Richard Kohberger, Actor

Christian Webb’s head shot photography is nothing short of excellence.  He is knowledgeable, creative and his professionalism throughout my experience was tremendous. This was my first time doing anything like this. He made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation, to the photo shoot, to even lining me up with a reputable talent agency. I felt comfortable with him right from the start. After working with Christian, I would recommend him to anyone looking to break into the business or to veterans of the industry looking to upgrade their photo portfolio. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Thanks Christian, for all your great work -

~ Doug Borden

Christian Webb Photo Headshots-Headshot Photographer NY-Actor Headshots

After 3 years of studying and taking acting classes, I finally decided that I needed to take the next big step and get headshots.  I searched here and there for photographers but was never really serious until I stumbled upon Christian's website.  I was blown away by his work!  I called to schedule a day to shoot with him and what a I got was a friend for life!   He went over everything that I needed to know and every question I had was answered thoroughly.  During our shoot we were able to go through images together and discuss certain looks that worked for me.  I was so impressed with his attention to detail.  It is so important to connect with your photographer and Christian understood me so well prior to our shoot, he was able to capture emotions I didn't even know I had.  Christian reminded me of a best friend that is always rooting for you, always giving you the best advice, pushing you to your limit. I am more confident than I have ever been based on this experience.  And, I love my headshots!  

~ Vanessa Patel, actress

I am typically not that fond of getting my photo taken, and never really felt all that comfortable in front of a lens in general. Christian made the shoot and the process fun and it ran rather smoothly. He has a manner of communicating and finding the right angles for you without the photo shoot feeling  like you are posing.  He was very dialed in to what you are looking for and delivering incredible results right of the camera. I enjoyed our shoot and the opportunity to talk shop and about the industry as well. I would recommend him to anyone and I am a headshot photographer myself!  

~ Kevin Harry, actor

"As a newly signed model/actor who had never done a professional photoshoot before, I really didn't know what to expect.  After meeting Christian, I knew he was the real deal by how comfortable, professional, and fun he made the shoot.  He's a very "relatable" guy and will bring the best out of you with ease.  For me, we spoke of movie references and cracked jokes about them.  As far as his actual photography?  Top notch, he was very technically savvy and knew what he wanted in the background, the angles of the lighting, body positioning, etc...  He also took on the role of a mentor and taught me ways to connect with the lens to make a more personal, intimate photo.  It was seamless and overall an enjoyable experience working with Christian.  Highly professional.  The best part is, my photos are amazing and I feel like I made a new friend."  

 Michael Cox , actor 

Christian Webb-Headshots-Atlanta-NYC

I discovered Christian's work over a year ago and he instantly became the photographer I had to get my headshots done by! I've been a victim of paying too little and getting poor quality shots or paying too much and just not getting shots that were the best representation of my brand as an actor. Thank God I finally got to work with Christian! He is amazing because he's consistent in his work, super fun & comfortable to shoot with, he pulls out the best in you, and keeps it honest from the beginning of the shoot to the last edited shot! I'm so excited to see the the turn around in my career with the new dopeness he delivered!

~Nicolette Ali Wright, actor

"Christian came highly recommended by my agents at CESD Talent - both print and commercial--so I knew I'd end up with great shots.  The pleasant surprise was how comfortable he made me feel in front of the camera.  I"ve been in the business for more than 30 years (and been through probably as many headshots) but my session with Christian?  By far the best yet!"

-- A.B., actor New York / Los Angeles

I am a singer / model looking to add acting to my resume. I worked with Christian for my first headshot photo shoot and have been very impressed with him from our first planning email.  He is very professional and made every part of the experience enjoyable; great personality and eager to help me get my desired results from the shoot.  On location he created a very comfortable environment, even offering light snacks and water upon my arrival.  During the shoot he was able to guide me through poses to capture the most flattering angles and also help me select wardrobe for each shot.   I received edited images the following day and was blown away by the quality.  He has true passion for what he does! I was so impressed with his work that I asked him to shoot photos of a musical performance I had a few days later, and the experience was just as lovely. I highly recommend Christian to anyone in need of photography services.

~Ava Raiin, singer/model/actress

"The best rainy day I've ever had."

Christian Webb is one of the coolest, down to earth, crazy people I know! I had a ball working with him. Although it was rainy outside, we had so much fun that it did not matter. We listened to great music and laughed like best friends. Christian made me feel comfortable. It was my first time meeting him but I felt like I've known him for years. That was my best experience with a head shot photographer. I would recommend Christian to any and every one of my actor friends. Getting the best picture is only half the battle. Great vibes with the photographer is the most important thing. He helped me bring out the side of me that I keep hidden.

~Atika Greene, actor

Very rare do you find a photographer that will actually walk through every step with you to create a story telling image, a headshot that doesn’t just capture beauty, but a headshot that makes you feel confidant about taking that next step into the acting world and with Christian Webb that definitely happened. Being in a headshot session with him is so great, you seriously don’t know what he has in store for you! He walks you through every step of exactly what these casting directors and agents are looking for. Christian makes you feel like you’re not in such a rush, its like you are actually taking your time until you have THAT shot you both are reaching to achieve. I’ve been through a lot of headshot photographers, and I definitely think I’ve found the one! Thanks again Christian.  

~ Nicolette Ellis, actor

Christian was exactly what I needed for top quality Headshots. He provided a relaxed environment combined with the technical expertise with the camera, as well as an intuitive understanding of my essence that allowed me to play and discover the moment in front of the lens that was captured in my eyes and body.  The new shots have already served me well - 2 recurring roles in the last 2 weeks!  Been a great go round.  Thank you Christian!"

~Vince Pisani, Actor and acting coach.

In the 3 WEEKS since I've posted my headshots from Christian I've gotten more auditions than all of 2016 combined thus far, been contacted by over 10 screenwriters, producers, and directors who've stumbled across my profile (aka saw my photo and liked it enough to keep looking at me) wanting to work with me on their projects without me even submitting or knowing anything about them prior.

~Starlett Hill, actress  


That is exactly how It felt looking at my head shots for the first time. From beginning to end I noticed I wasn’t doing business with a “Photographer”, I was creating art with another passionate soul. From beginning to end and still Christian has made sure I was comfortable, happy, and educated me on how to represent my personalty naturally while having fun. I have never felt comfortable smiling for the camera and when I look at my head shot, I look my happiest, HA! Our shoot was amazing! I actually brought a friend with me (kAui) and we all hit it off the moment we saw each other. We spoke about life, our goals, funny stories, and he gave us advice and insight on his experiences. The key is to be the best person you may be and Christian Webb is more than enough. He is untouchable when it comes to photographing the best version of yourself and being a great guy as well. On top of all these great things, Christian put me in touch with CESD and they loved me. It's amazing meeting someone that wants everyone to win I will forever be grateful. He is a part of my story now, and he will fit well in yours! THANK YOU CHRISTIAN!"

~ Jonathan Garcia, actor

I just wanted to say thank you to Christian Webb! I want to express my gratitude for such DOPE work. When I first saw someone post their head shots that were done by Christian Webb, I immediately said "I want to shoot with whomever that photographer is!" LOL. As soon as I saw that he was coming to Atlanta, I booked immediately. The day we shot, it was more than just a shoot, it was art...DOPE ART!. I appreciate how he made it fun and informative all in one. While shooting, he taught me about poses, allowing my eyes to talk, how to take a little weight away, without creating a deceitful image, while producing a real life image of myself. Most photographers simply shoot (without explanation), get a few good shots, and send you on your way, I appreciate Christian for offering so much more! Now that I have gotten my images back, I must say that my visibility on Actors Access has increased and I have definitely gotten more hits and interest, and I know without a doubt, it is because of my new head shots! I am most appreciative for Christian loving what he does so much, and for being so phenomenal at it. This is his profession but its is clear that it’s very much his passion. I want to thank Christian for everything that is yet to come my way because of my images. Christian’s vision and knowledge of the camera is amazing and DOPE work can't be denied!

~ Serwa C., Actress

Christian Webb Headshots-KG1.jpg

Christian could not have made my shoot any easier or relaxing. He could put any nervous subject at ease with his professionalism and words of encouragement. He gave me options for different looks, which helps to show I can play a multitude of characters, and organized everything to ensure the shoot went smoothly. My agents and I took weeks to narrow down which photos to pick because every shot looked so amazing! Thank you Christian for being as excited as I was about the entire process!

~Kara G., Actress

Christian Webb is amazing! I'm beyond ecstatic with the results of our shoot! I've shot with my fair share of photographers and Christian is not only knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with but he is truly gifted at what he does. His energy and attitude made me feel super comfortable and I had a blast collaborating with him. I could go on and on about how great of a photographer and human this man is but really there are not enough words to express that. Seriously folks give yourself and your career the boost it needs and shoot with this man!! GO!

~ Michelle Civile, actress

Where do I begin... the internet allowed me to meet some great people. It allowed me to reach out to those I cared about knowing. Most importantly the internet helped me take my career to the next level introducing me to Christian Webb and his phenomenal work! #plottwist Seriously though, just 2 days after shooting w/ Christian I landed my 1st TV audition in Atlanta. He got me in the door and I knocked it out the park!!! #callback I couldn't b anymore grateful for these photos and the opportunities they'll bring. Now let's hope I don't change my hair lol.

WOA: If you're an actor and you're serious about taking your career to the next level; save up and shoot with him!

~ Thiree P. , actor, director.

"There are literally no words to describe Christian Webb. After meeting with several photographers, he was the ONLY one I liked. Besides the fact that his portfolio is exquisite, his professionalism is unlike any other - super creative, and not to mention, he kept the shoot super simple. Once I received my headshots, I booked FOX GOTHAM a week later! Christian is a true master of his craft unlike anyone I have ever met. I was absolutely honored to have him as part of my acting journey. I can't recommend him enough!"

~ Reggie B., Actor NY

Christian Webb-Headshots-New York-BF

Thank you Christian Webb for the DOPE work!  I finally got the headshot I truly needed to push my acting career forward. Although I was a bit nervous up to the moment we started, Christian made sure that I was at ease and comfortable in front of the camera throughout the shoot.  Christian's direction and communication were on point.  Relatable, professional, and passionate would best describe the experience from start to finish.  His work has recently helped me book a regional commercial in the New York area, a few short films; and I have had numerous callbacks.  I highly recommend Christian, he will deliver great work!

~ Brian Flora, actor

Christian Webb-Headshots-Atlanta-Taylor Reeana-5316-SIZED.jpg

Christian Webb is literally the BEST headshot photographer around!  I get so many compliments on my headshot and have been booking like crazy because of them!  His quality of work is unmatched and I thoroughly enjoy working with him!  He's such a genuine hard working person and his professionalism is beyond awesome!  I recommend everyone contact him for PHENOMENAL headshots!  You WONT BE SORRY!

~Taylor R. Johnson - Actor/Atlanta

Christian Webb-Headshots-Actor Headshots-New York-Atlanta-Niahlah-5230-2.jpg

Christian was recommended to me by a friend of mine.  After looking through his portfolio and seeing the quality of his work, I knew I had to have him to take my headshots.  Christian was very helpful and encouraging throughout the entire process from the consultation through receiving the final images and even after.  On shoot day in New York, it was a bit chilly, but Christian kept high energy and made me feel relaxed and open in front of the camera.  I shot with him in Atlanta as well and was able to get a variety of different shots.  I wanted a couple of specific looks when doing my headshots this time around and I am so happy Christian was able to capture them all!!  THANK YOU

~Niahlah Hope