The Actor's Headshot-Workshop-Atlanta Reviews / by Christian Webb

The Actor's Headshot Workshop Atlanta 2016 -Day 1 students

The Actor's Headshot Workshop Atlanta 2016 -Day 1 students

Below are some reviews from my latest workshop in Atlanta.  The feedback from my students is incredibly appreciated and really means a lot to me as I want to know that I'm actually giving them their money's worth and truly providing my best.  It still baffles me that people would show up.....even travel from other come have me teach them.  I wouldn't call myself an educator per se'.....but more of a person just sharing my passion and eager to improve the work of those around me.   I'm looking forward to my next workshop.  Headed to L.A. this time....stay tuned! 



Dope Master,

First, the course was very fun and very interactive. You had a group that had very different skill sets and capabilities and I thought you broke it down to the bare elements and built a fantastic headshot result around that. You covered the equipment and why you used what you did. You covered how to set up the lighting and why that set up worked and how to tweak it.  You had very very high quality models there that were easy to work with and did an exceptional job. Than you demonstrated how to work with the model, how to fine tune your exposure and how to get the results you wanted. All in a very easy to understand format and one that everyone one could test.  The only comment I really had on the shooting and posing side is that it would have been nice to have a full set-up (lighting) for Cannon shooters where we could have traded models and everyone could shoot their own gear. Not really a big deal but the more time with the set up and the model the better prepared the student is going to be to leave with the skill set to replicate what you did there.  The shooting side was so well done. Anyone that understands lighting with speed lights at even a beginner level should be able to replicate that lighting set up very quickly and produce a very professional image. Without exception. Only a real true beginner with lighting and posing would struggle and I don't really think your class was trying to cater to that type of student or photographer. You had to have a little background in lighting to really get everything you wanted out of that class - and even than it was a super simple and easy to set up lighting set up.

You did a great job Christian. I am 100% sure I have been to more photo work shops and seminars than anyone there. I started going to PPA and WPPI when I was 20 years old and assisted and work with some amazing people like Don Blair, Dave Newman, Don Busith, JP Morgan and Dean Collins. Some names you have heard of and some I am sure you have not. You have very friendly and relaxed teaching style that encourages people to ask questions and interact with you without the fear of being judged or criticized. I was really impressed. You are a true professional and I am confident could be a name in the teaching world if you want to do that one day - you have the personality and the skill set to do that.  Thanks again for letting me be a part of the class. It was a true pleasure to meet you and learn fromyou.  I wish you all the success and prosperity in this great profession you have chosen. I don't know if I will ever make my full time living in Photography again, but it will always be a passion of mine and something I will never stop trying to improve my skills in. Talk with you very soon.

Very Best Regards, David



 Taking Christian's workshop was absolutely wonderful!  He instantly made us feel welcomed and as if we were talking to an old friend.  He took the time to let all of us get to know a little bit about one another, and how we came to be at our current place in our photography journey.   From the jump it was clear this wasn't the typical photography workshop.  This was a forum for us to improve. We weren't just given some lighting recipe and left to flounder. There was a dialogue about what we wanted to achieve both in the workshop, and moving forward.   We got information and practice on setting up our shots, from background selection, gear/camera/lighting settings and placement.  And most importantly we got practical experience interacting with clients.   Finally we moved on to an in depth look at his workflow and retouching methods.  By the end of the day, not only had I taken some new images for my portfolio, but I was able to better analyze my previous work, and knew how to make it better.

This experience was  exactly what I needed to take my work to the next level!   The time and financial investment in this workshop is an investment in oneself and ones craft!


Christian,  I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your workshop, your great delivery, down-to-earth style and just YOU!  I left feeling inspired and rejuvenated~and I thank you for just being REAL!


I want to give a “Shout Out” to Christian Webb, an outstanding NYC photographer who orchestrated a great actors headshot workshop in Atlanta last weekend. It was a great opportunity to learn hands on how to get that film still look that I love in his work. I’m always up for learning new techniques so I packed up and flew to Atlanta. It was DOPE (as he would say) It was a bonus that Christian was such a class act guy. Loved his humor and the honest straight up talk, no chaser. It was a great experience, everyone in his crew was so professional and on top of their game. It was a comfortable environment so everyone felt free to ask question.  The hands on shooting portion really helped.  

Thanks Christian for the tools, advice, real talk, techniques and guidance. Looking forward to shooting DOPE actors headshots in Tampa Florida.


Your workshop was nothing less than AMAZING!  Everything was perfect!  It was hands on and step by step.  I've watched videos, attended workshops and worked with a few photographers but the way you put it all out there has made me excited about shooting my next client.  More importantly, I am confident that I will be capturing a headshot that both the client and I will be proud of.  I couldn't have hoped for a better experience.  Thank you for sharing your talent with me.


Thanks Christian,  I truly enjoyed the energy you brought to the Atlanta workshop. It's always educational and spiritual for me to be surrounded by talented and passionate photographers like yourself.   I look forward to staying in touch with you as well and applying the techniques I learned. If you're ever here again look forward to reconnecting. I will also recruit a few for your next Atlanta session! 


Thank you Christian Webb. I have to say this class was Well Worth Taking! I have taken workshops and when it's over you say to yourself what a waste...You took your time, explained step by step the how to's. You could feel your passion and energy you gave to your students. All I can say is I want more!! Next time you're in the A!


Thank you so much Christian Webb for coming down & showing us how to create DOPE Headshots and such a great experience! It was so great meeting you! Until next time!


"Christian Webb's workshop is a must. Loads of practical information. He saved me a year or two worth of experience in one sitting (day). "