Starting a Photography Blog - Why blog? / by Christian Webb

Mad 4 siteWell, I got to thinking about this new blog of mine and what exactly the point is. What would I be doing with this one? What is my intent? Who am I to be blogging? I’m no celebrity photographer with tons of experience and notoriety where people would hang on my every word and look to me for advice, reviews and general musings on my life as a professional. What does my opinion on a piece of gear matter? I’m just a regular guy with a love for photography and I dedicate myself to the profession. Guess I could claim to be a professional. I certainly try to act accordingly and handle my business as such. I’ve been paid for my work so I guess, yes, I’m a professional to a degree. But still, I’m not even full time at this yet. I’m a guy who took on a craft with no formal training in the art and just decided to DO IT. I was very fortunate to have a mentor for a brief period of time when I first began. His untimely death a year later however left me to figure out everything else on my own and more important, left me without a great friend. From that point on, I took what I had learned in that short period of time and ran with it. I immersed myself into everything photography related. Read blogs. Bookmarked and frequented all the top photography websites. Studied technique and lessons online. A never ending pursuit of mastering all I could. Purchased new gear whenever possible. And it all continues to this day. Beyond the practical studies, getting out there and actually shooting superseded everything. Applying each new lesson, random technique, lighting lesson to every shoot, I found myself getting better and better. I've got a long way to go. I've made numerous mistakes and I have so much more to do. So, this blog is my study. It's my record and most important, it's my connection to YOU: Someone interested in photography. A professional maybe that happened here by chance. A person thinking about getting into photography. A person with some experience. YOU, that person who reads some of my "record" here and offers advice, shares some of your own experience. I think overall, that's what it's really about. I'm putting myself out here, sharing and I hope to just, do what I do and maybe connect with others doing what they do. This whole social media thing it's not about showing off or just telling you my business right? It's about...well....connecting yeah?!

Peace! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned.


P.S.:  Now that I decided to use that "Mad Men"image of me "Draping"  up top,  I'm thinking  I should go back and shoot that over but have a camera in hand instead of the cigar! Hmmm....