Connecting / by Christian Webb

Christian Webb Photo Never been to Rockaway Beach before.  Ended up there with my son for a photo shoot he was doing.  (some shots of that in a coming post)   After the shoot was wrapped,  I grabbed my camera and got a few shots of him myself.  As we were leaving the beach,  we spotted this man on a bike, watching us.  I asked to take his picture and he was  quite happy to oblige.  Nice guy.  Cool bike.  I am finding more and more that I absolutely love connecting with strangers via my camera.   There's really nothing like it.  Especially the interesting ones.  Not just their look, but their stories sometimes and the conversations that get struck up.    After snapping the portrait shot, we said our goodbyes and he rode off down the boardwalk.  Once again,  had to get that shot.   Glad I did.  As I looked at the shot in post, I thought....Here he is, headed toward that clock in the distance,  the future, his future.  How much time does he have?   Guess it depends on how fast or slow he pedals along.   Same for us all yeah?

Christian Webb Photo