Holiday portrait shoot! / by Christian Webb

Christian Webb Photography 2013 I've never had the pleasure of shooting any type of holiday photos for anyone.   All I thought about was feeling like one of those Sears or mall photo store operations.   That said,  I had a great time shooting the Delacruz holiday portraits.   I couldn't pick a finer family to photograph.   Jose & Elizabeth along with kids Victoria and Mateo have to be some of the loveliest people I know and are dear friends.    For a minute there,  we were thinking it may not happen due to the weather.  We were originally scheduled to shoot Friday night but my schedule that day was hectic.   A snow storm was on the way for Saturday and Elizabeth thought perhaps, we'd have to cancel Saturday as well.  No way!  Bit of snow wouldn't stop me from handling my business.  So, after a long day of my own,  I packed my "Stormer" up  with some gear and trekked out into the snow.   They only live about fifteen minutes away so the trip wasn't too bad.  Upon arrival I was treated to some delicious food and wine. (a truly acceptable fee for this photographer!)   Jose decided he would handle wardrobe and styling and his commitment to said job was both outstanding and hysterical to say the least!   Some great music by "DJ Elie' and we were ready to go.   Kept it all pretty simple and just captured traditional portraits of the kids,  husband and wife and of course,  the beloved family dog Benji who actually sat in for me for a minute at the start while I tested the lighting.  (see solo shot of Benji below!)   Well,  eventually the fun had to end.  The kids got tired and the wine ran out!  Got the shots the family wanted and all went well.

The Delacruz family holiday portrait

Holiday portraits-Christian Webb Photography


Holiday portraits, Christian Webb Photo


Holiday portrait photography - Christian Webb Photography

And the star,  Benji!