Self Portrait Photography -Using Strip Boxes and rim light / by Christian Webb

Christian Webb Photo-Under Armour I have a few clients looking to do some sports/fitness type of shoots pretty soon.   So, last night, unable to sleep anyway, I was up in studio messing around with lights and figured I'd pull a self portrait / lighting test party.  (Just me by myself!)   I haven't settled on the exact set up for the up coming shoots, but I do know that for the in studio stuff,  I'm looking to use at least 2 strip boxes in various positions for some nice side lighting and highlights.  Most likely to highlight arms, shoulders and such.  Well,  I haven't got any strip boxes!! UGGH!  (how is that possible?)  I know they're not absolutely necessary depending on how much of the person I want to light and how much I want to control the spill, but they do serve a purpose.  Anyway, without the strip boxes, I just focused on getting some highlights on shoulders and back/side of my head.   The two back lights are strobes with silver reflectors and the main light is just an Einstein w/ 40 degree grid on a boom directly over me and in front of camera.  I think it worked out  well.  Now, to get the nerve to take off my shirt and try and light.....muscle! Wait, first gotta get some muscles!  lol.  (Shot at f.14, ISO 125, Shutter 1/125)