Einstein 640's

Pool Fashion Shoot - Lamborghini Murcielago Long Island by Christian Webb


Maybelline Canela-Christian Webb Photo

Saturday, April 13th, 2013-

New York -  Winter has seemed to last forever this year.  Even though we haven't been bombed with too many major snowstorms,  we've had enough nasty weather and cold temperatures to be fed up and anxious for some sun.    And April has most certainly lived up to it's reputation bringing plenty of showers so far.  So,  when a client, Emily called me on Tuesday letting me know she needed to do a swimsuit shoot asap,  I suggested waiting a few weeks to ensure some warmer weather.   She meant "asap!"  LIke that coming weekend.   So,  I immediately  set my mind to finding and locking down a location.  I already had one in mind, only question was whether or not the pool would be open and ready that early in the season.  Fortunately,  it would be by that Saturday!  The location located in Westbury Long Island, NY, is the estate of a family friend who usually gets his pool open and ready for the summer a few weeks earlier than most.   Timing wise, things were going well.  I got my crew together and had to get another model.  I called Maybelline, a model I have been meaning to work with for some time now.   Plan was to shoot some swimsuit stuff poolside and then get some really hot shots with an exotic car.  Owning a gorgeous mansion/estate of course means having to own some pretty nice cars.  Sure enough our host had plenty including a gorgeous, deep crimson Lamborghini Murcielago.   The weather forecast 60 degrees high, mostly sunny, partly cloudy.  Seemed like it would work out to be a decent day and overall, it was.  However,  with the sun going in and out with random intervals of bright sun and then clouds, it made lighting things a constant battle.   One or the other would have been great!  Basic set up poolside was:  Main light - P.Buff Einstein fitted with the P. Buff 22" beauty dish on a boom.  We used a large Westcott 5 in 1 reflector disc for the fill light and for the scrim when the sun was at it's brightest.  The temperature was no where near warm enough to place models in the pool so most of the action took place outside on the edge.  One of the models, Maybelline,  did venture in down the steps enough about thigh high in water for some shots.  She's a true professional and was down for whatever to get things done.  After the poolside shots with both Mabyelline and Emily,  we headed to a garden section of the estate with a fountain and stone benches where we continued with Emily's shots.   The sun was saying sayonara by this point but there was enough to get some decent rim light.

After the garden shots,  the sun was nearly all gone and it was getting late.  We were a bit behind schedule and Maybelline had to hit the road back to Philadelphia.  Before doing so, we were able to get the Lamborghini into position in the driveway and prep for some shots with her and the car.  This time, in addition to the Einstein and beauty dish, I busted out the Westcott 7' parabolic umbrella attached to a Bowens Gemini GM500r to light the car.  I experimented with a few positions hoping that the wide spread of specular light from the silver lining would catch the car enough to add some punch and highlights to the deep red color.   For the most part, it worked well.  But I was tempted to grab another light, maybe even just rig a speedlight real quick, but I was running out of time.   A few shots later,  the umbrella and light all sailed over and hit the ground.  (no sandbags, as I HAD one of the assistants on the light, but they left for a minute!)  I thought the light would break for sure but it turned out to only be the shaft of the umbrella that snapped.  So much for that.  I really liked that umbrella! R.I.P.  Gotta pick up another soon!  Anyway,  was a great day, great night.   I pretty much got what I needed, packed up the Rover with help from my assistants and hit the road back to NJ.    Below, are some images from the shoot.

Maybelline Canela-Christian Webb Photo


M11 copy


M8 copy


M10 copy

Emily Deschamps-Christian Webb Photo


Emily Deschamps-Christian Webb Photo

Photography Gear / Studio Equipment by Christian Webb

About a day after receiving some new gear from Paul Buff,  I had a shoot.  I mentioned posting up my review(s) on some of the new gear once I've had a chance to use it. Truth be told,  I'm not a huge...review type of person.  I'll render my opinion on what I think of the gear and how it's beneficial to me or not, but, to "review" per se' sort of makes me seem like one of those gear experts with an opinion that may make a difference to some.  In reality, I'm just a photographer and I love messing with gear and using whatever tools help me to achieve my goals.  Oh, and one more thing....I'm pretty damn lazy lately with the blogging thing so, don't have too much time to get into it all! Also,  I haven't yet figured out how to post a new post to a particular page. (Like this should be on my GEAR page.) Anyway, I'll figure it out eventually.  While on the gear thing though,  the image below is an "after hours" shot of some equipment in my studio.  Figured I'd share/list some of the collection of toys I've amassed thus far because I know some people like to know what other photographers are using.   It's always a work in progress yes?  

Studio gear-Christian Webb Photo


1.  Paul Buff Einstein 640 strobe with 22" white beauty dish.  2.  Bowen's large soft box  3. Studio tripod (Calumet)  4. 22" beauty dish grid and silver beauty dish (Calumet)  5. Silver/White reflector  6. Profoto Acute2 ring flash and Profoto Acute 2r 1200 power pack  7.  Sekonic L-358 light meter.  8. Paul Buff Vagabond Mini power pack.   9. Set of 4 Paul Buff honeycomb grids.  10. Paul Buff 7" silver reflector.  11.  Set of Bowen's Gemini GM 500r strobes.  12.  Set of 2 Pocket Wizard Plus II's (laying somewhere in there.)  13. Arri 300w Fresnel, Arri 650w Fresnel (on loan).  15.  Assorted umbrellas - Calumet 46"Silver , Wescott 7' Parabolic Silver,  Set of Bowen's 36" Silver/white umbrellas.  16. Lenses:  Nikon 70-200mm VR II, Nikon 50mm 1.8G, Nikon 85mm 1.4D,  Nikon 105mm 2.8 macro. Nikon 24-70mm 2.8G (not shown...because it's on camera!)   17. Camera(s)-  Nikon d800, Nikon d90.  18. 2 Nikon SB-800 speedlights.   19.  An assortment of C-stands, light stands, A clamps, gaffer tape, duct tape, miscellaneous cables, cords and wires.  20.  Background - Manfrotto Autopole set up and seamless.

There are some random things missing here, but, that's the basics really.   I use an assortment of memory cards and for batteries, I'm pretty partial these days to Eneloops.



Couple of other pics of gear- That one above there an iphone pic.


Paul C. Buff - Einstein-Christian Webb PhotoBuff Einstein 640 with grid.


Paul C. Buff Eintstein-Beauty Dish-Christian Webb Photo

Einstein with 22" beauty dish.

Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 WS- Paul Buff accessories by Christian Webb

Love getting new gear!  Coming in to find packages waiting for me.  The mad dash to open and unbox fresh new equipment/products!  These latest goodies  are from the fine collection of Paul Buff products.  And they came just in time for a scheduled shoot.   Reviews to come soon! Buff1Paul Buff assorted honeycomb grid set,  Einstein 640 flash unit,  7" standard reflector, Vagabond Mini  and 22" Paul Buff (white) beauty dish.