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Photography rewards by Christian Webb

Couples photography-Christian Webb PhotoOne of the pleasures of NY is the ability to just bump into and get to know random people. This couple strolled by me and a friend as I was taking a few photos. The woman asked if we wanted her to shoot a pic for us.  My firend jumped at the offer as I'm rarely actually IN photos with everyone. So, handing her my camera (after a quick tutorial on back button focusing) she snapped away and got a few shots of me and friend. I quickly wanted to return the favor as they were such a lovely and attractive couple. We exchanged info and I'll be sending them this shot. All the joy spending the day with my cool people was made even better just by connecting....with complete strangers and giving one another a little something.   And guess what?  Shortly after,  it happened AGAIN!  Another lovely couple approached us and offered to shoot a quick shot for us.  They were maddd cool next thing I knew,  the guy was snapping away and then it was their turn.  Above is the first couple and below is the second.   Truly a rewarding afternoon.

Couples photography - Christian Webb Photo- NY