Fashion Week - AI of NYC by Christian Webb


Fashion Week 2013-Christian Webb PhotoWhen I blogged about runway/Fashion Week photography yesterday,  I only did so because of a conversation I had with someone asking me if I was going to shooting any shows.   I didn't have plans to.    The subject being on my mind though,  I figured I'd write a post about it.  I had NO intention of actually shooting that very evening.   A friend was scheduled to do some interviews with a few emerging designers.  I dropped her off at Lincoln Center and headed off to go get haircut.   Traffic was pretty crappy so,  I decided to head back to Lincoln Center and wait for her to be finished.    After parking the car,  I thought I'd just hang out doing....whatever.   Instead,  I soon found myself, camera in hand, credentials hanging from my neck being escorted backstage and mingling in the mix of madness that is...Fashion Week.   Was pretty cool for the most part.   I ended up with a decent, reserved spot in the press bleachers.   When I first got there,  there maybe 4-5 other photographers setting up.  That changed within about 20 minutes and suddenly it was like being in a packed nightclub.   Cool people.   Great bunch of shooters.   Great show.   All in all,  great time.    Gear wise I shot my d800 with 70-200 2.8 vrII and that was it.  Didn't have my monopod or 24-70 but everything was fine.    We've got a bunch of other shows to attend over the next few days.  I always have my camera, but I doubt I'll be shooting another.  But never know.     All the best to you!

Fashion Week-2013-Christian Webb Photo

Location:   Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Lincoln Center

Designers: Diana Isabel Sanchez Sacotto   Haley Hysong  Ian Jai Par     Isaiah Issac    Josimar Torres   Michael Doyle  Qutishia Lee     Luz Ortiz