Zack Arias

Photography Q&A - Zack Arias by Christian Webb

The Photo Webb, Chrisitan Webb Photo Question:  Who is Zack Arias?  Answer:  I won't go into too much on Zack Arias.  You either know, or you don't.  That said, whether you do know or don't, if you're fortuante enough to stumble upon his book, you'll never forget ZA and how instrumental he may be to you as a photographer. ("And if you don't know, now you know...!" Couldn't resist that. My bad!)   Whether you're an amateur, a budding enthusiast, a newbie just starting out or a full fledged working professional photographer, this one book serves as a bible of all things photography.  I say that not to put Zack in the stratsophere of photography gods and suggest that he's so above us all, but rather to say the exact opposite.  Yes, he is a photography god to many, but most important,  he's as real as it gets and this book reflects his down to earth, mad cool personality.  It's Zack being Zack and being so far removed from that upper echelon realm of snobery that makes the book so damn good.   Q&A serves as a fundamental guide to all things never really discussed on most blogs, classes or other photography books.  This is a straight, no nonsense, raw colleciton of information that covers so much of the in between questions related to photography that many books can't seem to explain clearly or either ignore outright.   While it strives to get to the more nitty gritty and reality of what's necessary to make it as a photographer , there's also some technical info sprinkled  throughout along with  some gear porn to satisfy those seeking to know the tools such a master like Zack is currently using.  What Zack knows, and what he will undoubtedly make you know, is that the gear isn't it.  The technical stuff isn't it.   There are images throughout and detailed personal stories related to his career and life.  He'll talk with you, not to you and by the end, you'll wish the conversation hadn't stopped.    Truly A no nonsense, straight talk, inspirational and educational approach to photography.  No bs! No long drawn, condescending, preachy lectures.  Just real questions from many who want to know and real answers from a pretty cool, highly respected dude that does know.

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