The Actor's Headshot / by Christian Webb

   Actor Michael Cox

   Actor Michael Cox

"Happy New Year!" 

As I start out this new week, the first of the year,  I wanted to quickly talk about a new direction I'll be going for 2016. 

Most of my blogging efforts, my social media posts and interactions in online groups/forums is geared toward other photographers.   I'm usually posting random pieces of advice and guidance on shooting headshots.  For the most part,  I truly love sharing and helping others.  It's one of the greatest rewards for me as a professional.   Over this last year, as my work has improved, I've gotten a lot of new followers and friends and I receive comments, emails and messages asking me about techniques, gear and the related.   Most of these come from other photographers both new to shooting as well as more experienced photographers looking to get more into headshots.   I'm a huge believer in surrounding yourself with others that share your same passions and are in your same line of work.   Being part of a few photography groups has allowed me to share my work with others and receive feedback/critique and has allowed me to learn some things while also being inspired by others.  It's been great interacting with so many other photographers, especially headshot photographers this point,  it's time to move another direction.

Shooting headshots is my primary business.  It's my passion.  I do professional work here and there outside of that and some personal projects once in awhile but shooting headshots is my thing.   More specifically,  I shoot actors!  And that's what has motivated me to make a slight change.  This year, I'll be focused on providing actors with guidance on their headshots.   Instead of addressing other photographers and talking shop with them, I'll be working with actors to help them improve their game when actually getting in front of the camera.   Working with so many actors, it's shocking to hear some of their stories about their experiences with other headshot photographers.  It's sometimes funny but overall, really sad.   What I want to do is prepare actors for getting the most out of their sessions no matter who it is they're shooting with.   Contrary to popular belief,  most actors really can't stand sitting for their headshot.   In fact, some hate it.   That said,  if they're not dealing with a seasoned, professional photographer that knows how to handle them,  chances are the shots are going to suck.  We can't have that!  #nobadheadshots!   

I ultimately want to know that an actor anywhere, in any big city or even small town is educated and savvy on how to handle themselves in front of the camera to get the best headshots they can get.  I want them to know posing and angles even if the photographer doesn't.  I want them to know the small tips and tricks that the photographer should know in order to get great expressions and flattering looks.  What's more, is I want actors to have the confidence they need to sit in front of any photographer and not be apprehensive or worried about their session.  

To that end,  I'll be posting here on my blog and on social media random guidance and such for actors.  I'm also working on a series of video tutorials that will demonstrate  posing techniques and some basics to keep in mind when sitting for headshots.  I'll also continue to offer feedback on and give honest assessments on actor's current headshots if they want.  

None of this means I won't be working with other photographers if they seek my guidance.  I still very much love being able to help others with their work and help them to reach new levels.  I've had a bunch of requests to do more workshops and I may be entertaining that during the year as well.  I'm still very much a student myself and look forward to improving my game and reaching new heights. 

So, that said, I'm really looking forward to this year and working with everyone.   I created a Facebook group some time ago called The Actor's Headshot. Feel free to join the group.  This is where I'll be posting most of my content and tutorials.  

Hope to correspond with you all soon!  Feel free to SHARE this post and the info with other actors.  

All the best to everyone and may this be a GREAT year for you all!